Free Registration is now open for the Sacramento HR Summit.
Location: The Citizen Autograph Hotel
Hotel Address: 926 J St, Sacramento, CA 95814
Hotel Telephone: (916) 447-2700

This year’s program is jammed packed with mission critical content; the HR best practices and trends you need to do your job and help advance your career. The agenda features subject matter experts from global leading companies delivering short concise presentations designed to inspire, inform and educate. This conference will help you find solutions to your current HR headaches and plan for your organization’s future development. Register now and join your peers. Network over breakfast and lunch, BUT most of all get the information you need to be indispensable at your job. Seating is limited so bring your team and sign up NOW.

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Agenda Summary

2:00pm: Registration, Reception. Peer Networking
2:30 pm: What's Working in Sourcing Talent and Recruiting.
2:50 pm: Compensation Trends and Outlook.
3:10 pm: Strengths and Weaknesses of key HRM Systems.
3:30 pm: Refreshment Break, Sponsor and Peer Networking
4:00 pm: Real Time HR Performance Management.
4:20 pm: Improving Results with Data Driven HR Decisions.
4:40 pm: End of the Main Event, Raffle Drawings, and Finale.

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Date: October 11, at The Citizen Autograph Hotel
Fee:   FREE to Register (Limited Seating so Register Now).

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Date: October 11, at The Citizen Autograph Hotel
Fee:   FREE to Register (Limited Seating so Register Now).

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Detailed Agenda    

12:30 – 12:45 pm: Registration, Lunch, Exhibit Area Open, Peer Networking, Product Demonstrations

12:45 – 1:15: The Latest Trends and Developments in HR Management.
Human resource trends change just as frequently as fashion (if not more). Because the industry is constantly evolving, regulations regularly adapting, and employees changing as well, small businesses have to be flexible enough to keep up with them. Whether you have a larger human resources department or you are handling all of the HR work yourself, you can get a step ahead by familiarizing yourself with these emerging human resource trends in 2015. Generation Z Has Arrived, Millenials Move Into Leadership Roles, What Employees Treasure Most Now, Managing Dropping Retention Rates, Ways to Leverage Social Media for Recruitment, and managing recent developments.

1:15 – 1:30 pm: The State of Workforce Planning: Best Practices.
What are the essential ingredients for work force planning success? What work force planning strategies, processes, and practices give your organization an advantage over competitors? This session will cover key elements such as how to better; Formalize and standardize work force planning processes, Ensure work force planners have analytical skills and knowledge of strategy and operations, Align financial and HR data. Establish standard, enterprise-wide data definitions, Use work force planning and analytics software to enable the process, Focus on critical roles and skills that are required to execute strategy, and more.

1:30– 2:00 pm: What's Working in Sourcing Talent and Recruiting.
As companies confront increasing competition for highly skilled workers, cost constraints and the need for speed and precision when filling open roles, HR managers and recruiters are turning to advanced tools. Candidate identification is the most critical step in the talent acquisition/recruiting life cycle – you can’t build a relationship with, receive a referral from, network with, or hire someone you haven’t found in the first place. Whether you’re searching LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Monster, your ATS/CRM, or you’re Googling for candidate leads on the Internet – following and integrating these search best practices into your candidate sourcing routine can dramatically increase your ability to more quickly find more of the right people.

2:00 – 2:30 pm: Coffee/Refreshment Break, Product Demonstrations, Exhibit Area Open

2:30 – 3:00 pm: Strengths and Weaknesses of key HRMS and HRIS Systems.
Most of the top human resource management systems offer very similar core features. However, they do differ significantly when it comes to key strengths, weaknesses, and advanced features such as analytics, security, workflow and talent management. In this session you will hear what works best for different organization types, the latest capabilities, and how to best leverage them for HR success.

3:00 – 3:30 pm: Real Time HR Performance Management.
There’s a need for a fundamental shift in how organizations look at and use performance management. Today’s organizations move more quickly than ever and often require collaboration to get things done. They can no longer afford to wait 12 months to get feedback on employees’ progress toward goals. As the workplace evolves, we need to find new processes that support contemporary business challenges. Come learn about the latest trends such as Social Performance Management (SPM) in turbocharging your internal processes.

3:30 – 4:00 pm: Compensation Trends and Outlook.
With unemployment rates continuing to drop how should you prepare for the inevitable shift back to material compensation increases? Did projections about salary increases, guaranteed cash and other employee reward elements come to fruition last year, or did shifting regional economies and markets create unexpected scenarios? What's the compensation outlook for later this year? This session will cover the latest trends in core salaries, benefits, bonuses, Pay for Performance, Long-Term Incentives (LTIs), and how to best prepare for next year.

4:00 – 4:30 pm: Improving Results with Data Driven HR Decisions.
It’s not news that the rise of big data is a leading focus in HR and the push for HR departments to embrace data driven decision making strategies is a major focus across the industry. Much has been said about the importance of HR Analytics and the early results suggest that organizations who are adopting data analytics to support HR decisions are reaping the benefits. Introducing analytics to the Human Resources Line of Business (HRLOB) requires new skills. This session will cover what is needed and what is working.

4:30 – 4:45 pm: End of Event, Raffle Prize Drawings for a Tablet, Gift Cards and other great items!

Date: October 11, at The Citizen Autograph Hotel
Fee:   FREE to Register (Limited Seating so Register Now).

"I liked the ability to see new technology and applications."
- Marcia Trajano, Philips

"I liked the various suppliers and the presentations."
- Deborah Hayek, Honeywell International

"I liked the pace the best."
- Bob Meecham, Cox Communications

"I enjoyed the demonstration of newer interests in the field."
- Michael Barlow, Better Homes and Gardens

"The agenda did have interesting topics for me...I would like to see more of these locally."
- Bob Brown, Deloitte Services

" I enjoyed it a lot. I look forward to next year."
- Carter Vath, Ener-Tech

"Attended and I enjoyed the summit. Learned about services/technologies we could utilize at our company"
- Ahmed Mohamed, Pharmaworks

"Overall the event was good. There were good vendors that highlighted risks in the area and how their product could help minimize that risk. The location was nice and giveaways are always a bonus."
- Beth Gavish, The Bank of Tampa

"The room setup was good, so was the food. Send me the next date please."
- Bill Sandberg, Rising Sun Systems

"The speakers were generally very clear and concise, and presented their cases well."
- Chas Vinal, Uniquest

"Keep up the good work."
- Damon Poremski, PostcardMania

"Each vendor had a 30-45 min opportunity to explain their market position or product."
- Douglas Peat, Pinellas County BTS

"I liked the topics"
- Emilio Castro, King Computer

"I really liked the presentations."
- Felix Malave, GlobeNet

"I liked the variety of presentations"
- Greg Fleck, Landstar Systems

"I enjoyed the variety of presenters."
- Jason Ricci, Johns Eastern Company

"I enjoyed the networking"
- John Barry, ITech Consulting Partners

"I attended and enjoyed the vendor presentations the best."
- John Ball, Director, United Way

"The presenters and presentations were all excellent – I appreciated the breaks that allowed us to talk with the vendors at the tables that presented and to speak with the vendors that were only tabling."
- Josette Dzencelowcz, Travelport

"I attended and appreciated that there wa a large turnout."
- Justin Redifer, ProviderTrust

"I liked the networking the best. I think this years was the best I have been to. Keep up the good work."
- Mark Ridings, TWRA

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"I liked the choice of speaker topics."
- Otis Curry, Athlon Sports Communication

"I like the laid back atmosphere and hands-off approach by the vendors"
- Peter Sanchez, Kluger, Kaplan PL

"Seeing the new stuff from Google was quite exciting."
- Rob Marlowe, Gulfcoast Networking

"The environment was good. Thanks for having us."
- Robert Kennedy, Sboca Wireless

"There was a lot of good information"
- Roy Kurowski, Gainesville Mechanical

"The Informational and Training are what I liked best."
- Ryan Heard, Horizon Software

"I liked the accessibility to the sponsors and vendors, with updated and timely sessions."
- Sid Moore, Florida IT Server Group

"Yes, I enjoyed the event"
- Steven McWilliams, Georgia Hospital Association

"I liked the networking opportunity."
- Teresa Moore, Volunteer State College

"I enjoy news about what exciting things are happening in our area. Keeping the discussions on topic which you do a great job."
- Terry Durham, Motlow College

"Your event had a lot of great insights"
- Travis Gilbert, Onix

"What I liked best was learning about the new vendors and cutting edge technology"
- William Nash, Nason Yeager PA

"The speakers/presenters were good. The catering was excellent."
- William Schaefer, City of Jacksonville

"The event went well. I enjoyed the EMC presentation."
- William Murphy, Avnet

"I attended and enjoyed the “networking” the best. "
- Brian Bogdan, Director, Professional Account Services, Inc

"I liked the networking portions of the event."
- Luke Hardwick, OtterBase

"Good presenters. A lot of information. Great venue too!"
- Juan Butler, Tindale Oliver